2013 Central District Championships

February 16, 2013 - February 17, 2013
February 6, 2013
CTA Coaches,Crimson 1,Crimson 2,Crimson 3,Scholarship,Senior 1,Senior 2,White ([* ALL Locations *])


  • CTA is hosting the 2013 Central District Championships. 
  • Therefore, we will need every family to help make this meet successful!
  • Each family will need to work a minimum of 2 sessions to run this meet smoothly.
  • This meet serves as the Championship Meet for the 8&under age group.
  • This meet is for swimmers who have not yet achieved Southeastern qualifying times in an event.
  • All CTA swimmers who have not achieved Southeastern qualifying times will be entered in at least 3 events.

Meet Invite (1/28) Psych Sheet Timeline
Event File (1/28) Warm-ups ResultsComplete pdf
Map Lane Assignments MM Results

Officials:  All officials (and apprentices) from all teams are invited to officiate.  Dress will be khaki bottoms, white collared shirts and white shoes.  Please email the referee (mckenzie5@comcast.net) with the sessions/positions you would like to officiate.  Donna Williamson will be holding a S&T Clinic on Saturday between sessions for all those needing a clinic.  A Starter clinic could be held Sunday if there is enough interest (please email dsw@uab.edu or mckenzie5@comcast.net).  (Remember, there will NOT be any clinics held at Southeasterns.)  Officials will meet in the hospitality room 45minutes before the am sessions; and following the clinics or 30minutes before the pm sessions.